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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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How We Work

Advertising, Marketing Communications and Digital Advertising Consulting

We start off with the campaign brief, this is the brief that deals with every aspect of the marketing plan, as well as what the client hopes to achieve. Once this is done, a creative and execution brief are then created in line with the campaign.

Each section of the campaign brief is designed to take us through a series of questions that allows us the appropriate information we require to create your campaign.

Our Process

We offer flexible short term contracts that are sensibly priced, and are happy to work with all size clients.

We offer first class friendly consulting services in:

  • Advertising consulting
  • Marketing communications consulting
  • Media buying consulting
  • Online marketing consulting
  • Website design consulting
  • Advertisement production consulting

Our media buying department delivers expert media planning and media buying services across all media channels, including television advertising, radio advertising, press advertising, outdoor advertising. Our creative production service, which uses carefully selected outsourced partners, can provide you with a one stop solution for your advertising media activity if you require it

We are highly skilled media planners who use industry leading research and media planning tools to develop robust, intelligent, creative and accountable media strategies

Brand & Creative

It has always been our aim to present and deliver the most innovative and creative solutions that will make a difference to your marketing and communications needs. We have developed a reputation which engages the client along the journey, so you remain involved in the process and understand the thought and process behind the results. Our creative design team generate unexpected ideas to break through, transform and make impact through timeless & Iconic design.

Creative campaigns are all about The Idea: how to best sum up a brand message in a single concept, then deliver that concept to a consumer in such a way that they act upon it. We develop campaigns for Outdoor, OOH, Marketing Collateral, Branding & Product


Our Projects