The coolest lollypop in South Africa needs the coolest social media right? That’s exactly why we were tasked with creating a unique, fun and vibrant social media presence for the all-time favourite, kid-tested and mom-approved lollypop, the classic PinPop.

We all know PinPop to be bursting with flavour, attitude and is to be found in just about every tuck shop and spaza you can imagine. It’s the sweet treat that kids ask for by name and that brings adults nostalgia when thinking about their school days.

Ayvel developed a social media content strategy to talk to PinPop SA’s biggest audience, kids. We created an interactive, kid focussed experience that excites kids from all corners of South Africa.


Let’s get into it.

The thing that kids enjoy most, is just having fun. Whether that is dancing, singing, drawing, learning, playing soccer or spending time with friends. It’s during those precious moments when kids enjoy their favourite PinPop.

We wanted kids to be able to engage with the brand during these activities and celebrate the PinPop moments.

We integrated everyday fun kid activities into our content plan, things kids will relate to and celebrated the greatness that lies within them. WIth the PinPop school tour initiative, we showcased the kids who do it best, kids who can dance like there is no tomorrow. Kids who can freestyle like it’s a language on its own. The kids who are creative and expressive in every way, the PinPop generation.

Ayvel created monthly content plans with relevant events that kids care about, showcasing the awesome memories from the PinPop school tours and developed content to inspire kids and adults alike and content that celebrated the coolest kids in South Africa. We wanted to motivate kids to do their best, and incorporated their school to showcase how fun learning can be. Our team of creatives whipped up a unique PinPop look and feel for the social media pages, aimed at catching the attention of kids, and incorporating fun playful elements. We targeted kids and parents of kids between certain ages with boosting and ad campaigns to ensure that our content would reach the ones who it would matter to most.

During the time we managed the social media for PinPop SA, we grew page views by over 400%, more than doubled the page likes, increased post engagements by 1155% and increased post reach by over 3100%.