For the first-ever Civil Aviation Industry Awards, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) prepared an event that recognises industry excellence in civil aviation in South Africa. SACAA is the regulatory entity tasked with ensuring safe, secure, and sustainable civil aviation operations in South Africa.

This event is a unique opportunity for aviation bodies to receive recognition for the impact that they are making on civil aviation in the country. It also allows these outstanding individuals and companies to be celebrated as industry leaders for their contribution towards keeping us safe in the sky.

The awards presented had 19 categories.

We were tasked to implement a targeted digital strategy across relevant platforms, utilising the appropriate ad units in order to reach the above objective and preferred target audience.

The campaign ran between 8 July 2018 – 22 July 2018 and specifically targeted and appealed to individuals in the following target audience:

  • LSM 5-7, LSM 8 – 10
  • Sector: Finance, Aviation, Politics, Civil Society, Transport, Media
  • Interests: Aviation, Travel, Tourism, Business, Skills Development
  • Age Range: 21 – 45
  • Gender: Female 50% and Male 50%

The secondary target audience to reach had a wider scope of industries and sectors and included:

  • Business Accounting & Finance
  • Technology Industry
  • Business Software
  • Logistics and
  • Transportation Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Financial News
  • Small and Medium-sized Business
  • Legal Services
  • Human Resources
  • Mechanical and
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Logistics

The strategy for the campaign target our audience on the correct and most effective platforms, which included:

  • eNCA
  • SABC
  • EWN
  • Bizcommunity
  • Fin24/News24
  • Times Live
  • Facebook

The goal of this campaign was to create awareness around the Civil Aviation Awards and drive as many users to the website as possible. In order to target the correct audience, five strategies were implemented:

  • Category targeting – Travel – Air (Air Travel)
  • Affinity targeting in order to reach people based on their interest in aviation and frequent travels
  • In-Market segments to reach users who are interested in aviation, frequent travellers and business professionals
  • Intent to reach users as they are making a ‘purchase’ decision
  • Remarketing to re-market different banners to interest users.

Remarketing results

In terms of traffic, the KPI of R12 was reached. Overall, our average CPC was R3,18 which resulted in 3,7 times more traffic.

With conversions, the goal was to map out every step of the website to show where users are clicking off. The website wasn’t very user-friendly and the user journey was too long to really be efficient. The most interest was shown in the ‘Awards’, ‘Criteria’ and Judges sections on the website.

Interestingly, our data showed that consumers were most active on the website on a Monday between 19:00 and 21:00, and mobile devices were most frequently used to access the website. The top-performing operating system was Android, which reflects that Android is the most frequently used OS in South Africa, along with Google Chrome as the top browser.

The top-performing ad was 320×50 and 300×250, which are both mobile formats that appear in-app and mobile web publishers.

Ayvel Caa 300X250 Retargeting

Social media results

Facebook Campaigns

We ran a Facebook campaign for leads generation and conversions.

The goal of this campaign was top generate quality leads as well as drive for on-site conversions. During the conversions and lead generation campaign, we reached 94 398 people, created 104 618 impressions and this resulted in 815 link clicks of which we gathered 269 quality leads.

For conversions, we reached 65 402 people, created 78 992 impressions and generated 480 link clicks which resulted in 4 quality conversions.

We noticed that from both campaigns run on Facebook, we were communicating to a predominantly male audience (61%) with the majority of them being between the ages 18-24. Our audience was engaging from mostly mobile devices (99%) on Android Smartphones (69%) and were based in Gauging (75%).

Ayvel Caa 970X250 Remarketing
Ayvel Caa 300X600 Remarketing
Ayvel Caa 160X600 Remarketing

Paid media results

Our results on EWN were as follows:

The civil aviation awards HPTO on EWN ran successfully with a total of 131 414 impressions and 256 clicks, which led to a CTR of 0.19%.

The highest engagement was seen from Gauteng, which served a total of 84 469 impressions which is 64% of the total; served impressions, as well as 61% of the clicks at 156 clicks.

Emailer bursts

For our first email burst, we reached 1,990 recipients, and generated mailer with the subject “Celebrate SA’s High Flyers”.

Our open rate was 32.0% (553 opened), at a click rate of 2.6% (45).

For our second email burst, we reached 1,388 recipients, and generated a mailer with the subject “Hurry! Entries for the First-Ever Civil Aviation Industry Awards Close 10 September!”.

Our open rate on the second burst was 38.9% (501), at a click rate of 4.7% (60).

Home page takeover

Date: 1 October 2018 – 5 October 2018 (120 hours)
Website: Times Live and News24
Type: Homepage Take-Over
Message: Celebration of 20 years.

The homepage takeover worked hand in hand with the paid media campaign and achieved satisfactory results with leads,
conversions and engagements.

Ayvel Caa 728X90 Remarketing
Ayvel Caa 320X50 Retargeting